You've been saying that you'll do it for how many months now? Why not spend your time in lockdown ticking off your to-do list.

Leading celebrity fashion stylist and member of the Twisted Tailor family Vix Adams shares her tips and tricks for how to organise your closet.


Tip 1: Create Space

Anything you haven't worn for a year, send to charity and make a pile of alteration pieces e.g buttons that need sewing, trousers that need to be taken in or sleeves taken up - that will mean you will wear previously loved items again.

Tip 2: Product Block Your Closet

Put all tees together, all shirts together, all jeans together. Then colour block within the product blocks so tees go white through to black for example, all light denim through to dark denim then plain shirts through to pattern shirts.

Tip 3: Storage And Hangers Are Essential

Don't use wire hangers!
Uniform your hangers so they are all the same and hang the same way at the same height - makes it easier to see everything.
Insert canvas storage boxes into closet to section clothing (ikea do some great storage options). 

Tip 4: How To Store Your Suits

Hang each suit individually into suit bags - matching jackets and trousers together on a wooden hanger is ideal.
Hang a canvas tote bag over the hanger of each suit with matching accessories like ties, pocket squares and socks so it's easier to choose accessories for that suit.

Tip 5: What To Do With Accessories

They can make or break an outfit and take a while to build up a great collection for all occasions. Get them organised so you can clearly see them, drawer separators are great for this as belts can be rolled up, you can include scarves, jewellery etc.

Tip 6: Show Off Your Shoes:

Throwaway cardboard shoe boxes! They're ugly and not practical. Clear perspex stackable shoe boxes are both practical and space saving; great to stack up under staircases, on top of wardrobes or under the bed. Clear means it's easy to see which shoe/trainer/boot is inside, or you can add a post-it to each box.

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