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To generation ‘Fragile Masculinity’, the floral suit is anathema. Traditionally associated with womenswear, flowers are just too much for the hot-blooded male to master. So, they box themselves in with the sturdy and staid, dark colours and the occasional daring stripe. Well, b@!!@(£s to that. If you rule florals out of your wardrobe, you’re missing out on one of the most incredible style statements around. So, let’s get down to the detail. Here’s how to carry a floral suit this summer.

Find a colour that works for you

The rules for floral suit wearing are the same as for any other clothing. You have to go with what works for you. So, start by looking at colours. Example? A white suite with pale blue motif, like the Daewon, looks amazing on anyone with a darker complexion… But not so great with sallow skin. For lighter complexions, consider shades that will bring warmth to your skin tone. The pink Manet suit is fresh for summer, and yet doesn’t drain your colour.

White floral suit Pink floral suit

Find a suit that fits

Different frames require different fits. But as a general rule, if you’re looking for a contemporary style, a skinny fit cut will carry you through. The key is making sure that you buy the right size. Prints of any kind can be unforgiving, accentuating straining seams and pulled buttons. So, measure before you buy.

Floral suit

Select the right shirt

This one is really simple. If you’re wearing a floral suit, you need to wear a plain shirt. Mixing patterns can maybe, possibly, occasionally work. But if you’ve got an outstanding floral suit, let it do the talking. Look at the Margera. Now, imagine the travesty and despoilment of coupling it with a checked, striped or otherwise patterned shirt. Then be ashamed of yourself for even thinking about it.  

Shirt with floral suit

Consider separates

A full floral suit can require confidence. A floral jacket or blazer, like the Vick velvet jacket can transform your formalwear, without taking you over the top.

 Floral suit jacket

Match the suit to the circumstances 

Anyone can look good in a floral suit. But any item of clothing can look ridiculous if worn on the wrong occasion. You wouldn’t wear shorts to a wedding to jeans to a court appearance. While a dark floral suit, like the Jackal or Fleet, could be suitable for a funeral, don’t push the boundaries of appropriateness too far.

Floral suit Dark blue floral suit

Men are simple creatures. In a world where strength is still a [fatuous] measure of value, they look at things that might have the smallest hint of suggested femininity and their testosterone begins to quiver. But strength actually comes from confidence. You’re as strong and powerful as you believe yourself to be. Clothing doesn’t make the man. But it does make the man stylish. And florals are outstanding in the field of fashion this season. 

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