If you’re wearing velvet currently then you’re doing something right. It’s a popular and trending fabric for the Autumn and Winter period of dressing to the nines. If you’re not wearing it yet then now is your chance to learn all the reasons why you should be. Twisted Tailor is here to get you on board with the trend so you can look more chic through the season.  

Real talk – velvet is in and is an opportunity to get a second look from others for all the right reasons. Wear it right and confidently and you’ll be turning heads all over town and at your holiday parties. Continue reading to get the full scoop on our trend talk – velvet story.

Reasons Velvet is Trending

You may be thinking, velvet? Isn’t that what Hugh Hefner and people in the 70's wore? Well, yes but there are plenty of reasons why it’s back and on fire. Being a heavier fabric, it’s great for dropping temperatures in the autumn and winter such as throwing on this velvet blazer. It will also always give an outfit a vintage flair.

While, yes, it was popular in the ‘70s, velvet always has resurgent cycles due to its timeless edge. GQ said it best, “But you don't want to look like an imitation Hugh Hefner or worse, a couch, so you've got to navigate the trend carefully.” Therefore, you need to know and learn how to wear this fabulous and striking fabric.

How to Wear Velvet

Ideally, velvet works best with classic wardrobe staples. If you’re just starting out you may want to pair it with denim or basic cotton, for example. Once you get more confident pulling it off you can try it in a full patterned suit. If you don’t want to go full velvet then opt for a velvet lapel. It’s also the perfect fabric for the social season, especially wearing it to all those Christmas parties. It doesn’t matter much if you want to wear it in plain or bold print in this case.

Fall and winter are the perfect seasons to incorporate more velvet into your wardrobe. It’s a fabric that can be worn day or night as well. It’s a texture that truly looks good on everyone and that can be dressed up or worn more casually.

Our Products & Ideas for Outfits

We have you covered and all the velvet clothing and outfit ideas you could ever want here at Twisted Tailor. For instance, you simply can’t go wrong heading to your holiday party or a winter wedding in the Sylvester - a timeless black velvet tux.

If you’re feeling like you want to be a bit bolder and want to make a statement with your velvet attire then try the Varane, a bold print on velvet fabric.

Of course, there are also more subtle choices such as this high-quality blue velvet blazer or this charcoal velvet Italian fabric blazer that pairs well with a dark shirt and dress pants.

Like what you see? Check out our website for additional clothing products and outfit ideas. 

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