Last year, Twisted Tailor announced that Viggo would be joining us on site. Slick, stylish, and sustainable. But what makes a suit sustainable? And why should you have one in your wardrobe?

Sustainable Suits: The Twisted Tailor Guide

What is sustainable fashion?

Sustainable suit

Sustainable fashion is all about building ecological integrity into the clothing industry. This can be achieved in numerous ways. The building of a second-hand culture – too many clothes go into landfill when they can easily be worn again by someone else. The practice of clothing rental – why spend a pay packet on an event outfit when you can easily rent one? And the use of sustainable materials in the production of new clothes.

The Noah is an elegant everyday suit perfect for the office. It is also made from a blend of natural materials – 27% wool – and recycled materials – 52% Recycled Polyester – making it a much better choice for the environment.

Why are sustainable suits important?

The UK is currently the fourth largest producer of textile waste in Europe, with each Briton throwing away around 3.1kg of textiles every year. This is bad not only because it is becoming a significant component of our landfill waste. Or because many of the components that make up clothing are extremely slow to degrade. But because the production of clothing can be massively wasteful and polluting.

Buying sustainably can combat this.

What makes a suit sustainable?

Light sustainable suit

The Viggo collection is made from at least 50% recycled materials. The Gothenburg slim fit jacket, for example, is lined with 100% recycled polyester, while the exterior is made up of 64% recycled material. It looks incredible. The sand colourway is ideal for spring and summer. And yet it’s a suit with an eco-conscience.

How to build sustainability into your wardrobe

Men's sustainable suit

Firstly, that you should always buy quality. If you’re going to invest in a tuxedo, look at something that will last, like the Viggo Gervas – a classic piece that you could wear any time and will always look good.

Men's grey sustainable suit

Secondly, select a suit with sustainability built into its fabric. The Viggo Nordkapp check suit is made up of 42% wool, 56% recycled polyester, and 2% elastane, with an interior of 100% recycled polyester. That makes the tiny bit of elastane the only element that is not either recycled or naturally derived.

Thirdly, wear what you own. Even if you’ve not got cash to burn, you’ve probably got some clothes that you’ve never worn. You’re keeping them for an occasion. Or you no longer feel like that style really suits you. If you’ve got it, wear it. That’s what it’s made for. And if you don’t want it, give it to charity, so the materials and production costs don’t just go to waste.

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