The tartan suit has been one of our favourite looks pretty much since Twisted Tailor launched. It’s bold, stylish and can be packed with attitude if you choose the right design. But we also know that full body print is not for everyone. And that’s why we also love the tartan trouser.

Smart, casual, or somewhere in between, tartan trousers will answer for practically any occasion.

Four of our Favourite Tartan Trousers for 2021

Standard fit tartan trousers

Tartan trousers

One of our favourite looks right now, is the newly released Cardosi grey and red tartan suit trouser.  Yeah, they were designed to be worn as part of an ensemble. And yeah, they look great with the matching waistcoat and jacket – it’s a killer look for a wedding. But they also stand up on their own. Wear them to the office with a plain white shirt – tone them down with a grey blazer if you must. Wear them out with a casual white, black or grey shirt. Add in loafers, brogues or boots, and that’s you done and dusted.

Men's tartan suit trousers

For a similar look that’s slightly more toned down, you can select the darker tartan designs, like the Ginger trouser in green. The larger check is still eye-catching, but being in slightly more muted shades, these trousers are better at blending in with the workaday aesthetic. Again, worn with a plain shirt, they can be dressed up or down, and there is a matching jacket and waistcoat available. But, worn as a standalone piece, these trousers possess an interest that much masculine formalwear lacks.

Casual tartan trousers

If you like the check look, but aren’t so keen on full tartan, a style like the Gregory trouser may be slightly more up your street. The tonal blue check on a classic navy base is understated and yet still makes a statement. With our without the jacket, these trousers make a fantastic choice for a dinner date, or the office. Characterful and charming, they carry real style.

Cropped tartan trousers

Cropped tartan trousers mens

In less formal scenarios, a cropped trouser like the Belton can look fabulous. The inevitable punk vibe is softened by the superb tailoring and obvious quality. Pair with a t-shirt for a relaxed feel. Wear with a white shirt – maybe a skull motif – if you want a slightly smarter aesthetic. And finish with whatever shoes you choose. With these trews, anything goes.

Tartan is one of those fabrics that has never gone out of fashion. While it was claimed by the punks and used as symbol of the anti-establishment movement, it also has a long history of sophistication. It’s one of the few fabrics that anyone can wear, and bring their own style to. That’s why we love tartan trousers. And that why we think you will too. 

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