Shopping for skinny fit wedding suits? Here’s what you need to know for spring/summer ’21.

How to Select a Skinny Fit Wedding Suit

Select a three-piece

Skinny fit wedding suit

If you’re looking for that classic wedding style, a three-piece suit or tuxedo is a must. Not just because it’s the traditional choice, but because it looks really good. A three-piece skinny fit tuxedo like the Fleet looks stylish and flattering. With the trousers worn high on the waist, the waistcoat keeping you smartly tucked when your jacket is off, and the jacket cut to provide a killer silhouette, it’s a style that will stand out at any wedding.

Consider your colours

The colour of your wedding suit should directly reflect the style of your wedding. While black used to be the only option, you’ve now got far more flexibility. At the moment, shades of blue are still big business, and if you’re wanting an understated look, a suit like the Elroy in navy is a definite winner.

Three piece skinny suit

For a late spring or summer wedding, the Pickhurst floral is a stand out selection. Worn with a plain white shirt and loafers without socks, it is cool and elegant, and works particularly well for an outdoor wedding.

Skinny fit floral men's suit

For an evening wedding, you might want to be more adventurous in your tones, and opt for a simple style in a pop-out colourway, like the Ellroy in burgundy.

Red skinny suit

Whichever style most appeals to you, before you select a colour don’t forget to check with your intended – or your partner. The last thing you want to do is clash.  

Think about fabric

Light wedding suit

Designed to be memorable, wedding suits are often crafted from fairly heavy fabrics. The reason being, that you don’t want your suit to look cheap, especially if it’s your wedding. However, in high summer, formal dress can be suffocating. Selecting a cotton, linen blend, or 100% linen suit, like the Runner can be a really good move. If cut well, it can carry you through the most formal occasions. And if you’re planning an overseas wedding (which may not work out this year, but who knows!), a suit like the Runner is almost obligatory.

Other considerations

Blue skinny men's suit

You wedding suit should create a wow, but there are a few rules to follow if you want to really look the part.

  • Pay attention to jacket length. Too long or too short and it will completely change your shape. The look won’t be flattering.
  • Consider wearing braces instead of a belt. It creates a smoother silhouette and feels more comfortable – especially if you’re planning a big sit-down meal after the event.
  • Make sure that there is no gap between your waistcoat and your trouser top. You do not want your shirt flapping around like a school boy.
  • Don’t forget your accessories. Traditionally, grooms wear a single buttonhole to complement the bride’s bouquet, a pocket square, cuff-links, and a tie of some description. Some jewellery – tiepin, waistcoat chain – is acceptable, but don’t go overboard. Your suit should do the talking.

Skinny fit wedding suits are the ultimate choice for the modern man. Sleek, stylish, and comfortable, they remove the fustiness from formal occasions. And if you choose well, your suit will add an unforgettable element to you wedding – for all of the right reasons.

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