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OK, we’re going to say it. Most women’s suits are really boring. For too long, women’s office wear has been all about power dressing. Fitting in. Or, if the catwalk is anything to by, whipping your shirt off to make a statement. But what if you’d rather protect your assets while still standing out from the dreary office crowd? Why not try twisting your perspective?

Three Ways for Women to Breathe New Life into Their Workday Wardrobe

Add Colour

Women's suit in raspberry

One of the major advantages that women have over men when it comes to their wardrobe has traditionally been colour. Women have a whole rainbow at their disposal, that comes free from any raised eyebrows or inappropriate questioning. But suits typically lean towards the staid. Cue the Jodie suit. Electric pink is a colour that takes no prisoners, but it will take the breath away. Selecting a well-tailored suit in an eye-catching colourway, immediately lifts you above the norm. Instilling confidence and radiating style. Keep the rest of your outfit simple – plain shirt, minimal accessories. And you will own any room you walk into.


Consider Prints

Women's check suit Women's sequin suit

If you want to be taken seriously, wear plain clothes. That’s more or less the golden rule of the workplace. But what if you want to be taken seriously as yourself? Prints add a whole new dimension to any outfit, and suits are no exception. Whether you opt for something relatively low-key, like the Grace green and navy tartan trouser suit, or amp it up with the Baranyi silver sequin skirt suit, patterns are statement-making. And while a leopard-print suit might not be the best choice for a board meeting, it’ll certainly get you noticed for all the right reasons


Dial Up Black

Women's black floral suit Women's high shine black suit

Almost everyone looks good in black. That’s why it’s become the go-to colour for a lot of women’s formal wear. Sure, it’s conventional. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t make it your own. With the Varga floral suit and its gorgeously textured detailing, and the Lou high-shine, you have little black suits with big personalities. As suitable for a night on the tiles as for a day at the office, these suits will stand up to any dress code, without falling foul of conservativism. They are smart, sharp, and elegant. And utterly you.

Browse through any high street store, and women’s suits will lull you into a stupor of predictability. Personality-free, they are exactly what you’d expect them to be. We think that you deserve more!


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