One of the best things about women’s clothing is that you can wear colour with impunity. At least, that’s often the way it seems from a masculine point of view. As a general rule, women’s clothing is so much more vibrant than men’s. But despite the array of available choice, there’s still a bit of an inclination to opt for the less adventurous colourways. Look around almost any office, and black and grey dominate. So, what can you do if you want to inject a spark of colour into your everyday mundane?

How to Wear More Colour to the Office 

Begin with little gestures

Women's black suit Women's blue suit

Changing the way you dress can take confidence. It can also raise the odd office eyebrow. So, unless you’re prepared to be the office sensation – and why the hell not? – then it can be a good idea to work in increments. Opt for the bold blouse instead of the vibrant suit to start with. Or consider a suit that brings colour in subtler way. In the Christina black and gold tux you will literally sparkle. While the Magdalena in baby blue makes the break from the bland – but a little more gently.

Make sure you get the right fit

It doesn’t matter what colour you choose, an ill-fitting suit never looked good on anybody. And that goes doubly so if you choose a skinny-fit cut. So, take time to check your measurements before you buy. And if you’re purchasing online, make sure that you try everything before your returns window closes.

Wear the colours you love

Jodie ladies suit in raspberry

There’s no point buying a cerise suit, like the Jodie, just because you’re looking for a change. If you’re going to wear colour, then you have to love it to feel confident in it. So, make sure that you always work with the colours you love. If it’s cerise, perfect. If not, look around for something that’s more you (we’re adding new lines all the time!)

Consider patterns

Grace ladies tartan suit

Patterned suits can be a great way of reviving your office attire. The Grace suit in navy and green tartan, for example is still pretty understated in the colour stakes, but it brings real interest to your wardrobe.

Mix and match

Eleanor ladies animal print suit

Adding colour to your workwear doesn’t mean all or nothing. If you work in a position where there’s a little flexibility on the dress code, matching a brighter jacket – like the Eleanor – with a more sedate pair of trousers or skirt - or vice versa – can be a fun way to dial up your style without fully committing to a wardrobe overhaul.

Whether in the office or out on the town, colour can be a tremendous way of expressing yourself, gaining self-assurance, and simply just enjoying your clothes. There’s no doubting that black looks great on most people. But it’s good to remember that it’s not the only option!

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