New site / 2022 vibes

You might have noticed things have changed a bit around here. We've dropped our new site design to emphasise some important information.

Twisted Tailor is no longer just a brand.

We are now a store.

We’re continuing to curate the best up and coming brands to host on our site.

We’re creating a community of brands that share our ethos and dedication to unique design and great quality product.

Our focus is bringing you exclusive, exciting and standout fashion under one roof.



Highlights of our new website include:

  • Clean design putting our brands and products at the forefront.
  • Easy navigation for browsing between our collections to find exactly what you're looking for faster.
  • Talking of speed, the new site is about lightning loading times to make your shopping experience even better.

What do you think?

Have you had a scroll through our website? We would love to hear your thoughts – please get in touch with our webmaster.

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