When it comes to men’s clothing, most of your choices will come down to taste. But when choosing a shirt, the right collar can make a big difference. And there are so many different collar styles to choose from. Some of these styles date back centuries. Others, like the button-down, are only really good for the most formal of affairs. In 2022, you only need a handful of collar styles to get by.

Here’s Your Twisted Guide to the Contemporary Collar

Point collar

Andresco Snakeprint shirt

Probably the most common style of men’s shirt around, the point collar is a favourite to be worn with double-breasted suits. But it’s a style that also works well unbuttoned and tieless. As can be seen with the Andresco snake print shirt.

Spread collar

Westwood white shirt

The spread collar shirt is one of the most versatile looks around. Originally designed to accommodate wider knot ties, like the Windsor, the angle formed by the spread collar is usually at least 45 degrees. And this makes shirts like the Westwood look as good without a tie as with. Pair with a blazer and skinny fit trousers and you’re ready for any occasion.

Grandad collar


Tenby grandad collar shirt

The grandad collar shirt is often viewed as delivering the best of both worlds. It has the tidiness of tailoring, with an air of informality. For an occasion when a tie is an optional accessory, a grandad shirt like the Tenby red and white, carries an effortless elegance that works as well with a contemporary suit, heritage styling, or even jeans.

Pin collar

Pin collar shirt

If you’re someone who likes to accessorise, then the pin collar shirt is for you. First popular in the early 20th century, pin collar shirts often have a bit of a vintage vibe, but a shirt like the Lynton lends itself to any aesthetic. Sleek and elegant, this is a look that will stand up almost anywhere, without the need for a tie. And the collar chain or bar is an excellent way to further stamp your own personality. 

Revere collar

Picket short sleeved shirt

The flat ‘v’ of the revere collar is commonly associated with womenswear. But on guys it has an effortless aura. The Pickett shirt is the perfect example. It’s casual, but wouldn’t look entirely out of place with shorts on an evening stroll along the beach to dinner. 

Penny collar

Portland penny collar shirt

Another casual option is the penny collar shirt. Fashionable now, thanks largely to a number of recent high-profile period dramas, the penny collar shirt considered youthful, smart and a little bit edgy. With a shirt like the Shelby & Sons Portland, a tie really isn’t an option. And yet it’s tailored enough to withstand scrutiny on all but the most formal of occasions.

Smart or casual, your collar choice can have a big impact on your sartorial success, and different styles suit different face shapes. So, before you shell out on your next new shirt, take a few minutes to consider the collar. 

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