It’s almost 20 years now since the skinny fit suit made its catwalk debut. Pioneered by Hedi Slimane on behalf of Dior Homme, skinny fit was a total game-changer. Taking suit ownership away from dads and grandads, and handing it on to the younger generation. Suddenly suit wearing became not just de rigueur, but cool. And the skinny fit suit has not gone away.

The skinny fit suit reigns because it delivers actual tailoring. A silhouette that is something other than formless and boxy. It is sharp and sleek, and yet comfortable because it aligns with the fit of everything else in your wardrobe. And this season, we have a whole range of new skinny fit suits landing.

Twisted tailor’s Top Skinny Fit Suits for 2022


Twisted Tailor Ellroy navy suit

Smart, smooth, and oh-so-sophisticated, the Ellroy suit in navy is the ultimate catch-all in menswear. With a sleek silhouette, simple, clean lines, and versatile colourway, this is a suit that will take you from work to weddings. Add in the waistcoat for more formal occasions. Or separate the jacket and trousers for dress-down affairs. Whichever way you wear it, this suit will always standout. 


Twisted Tailor Lynx suit

If you want to turn heads, the gold and black print of the Lynx suit is definitely worth considering. It carries the aura of the rock god, while being comfortable enough to wear anywhere. Pair with a plain shirt and carry yourself with confidence. Whatever the occasion, the Lynx suit will do the rest.

Jackalope Blue

Ble skinny fit suit mens

If you’re going to a wedding – yours or someone else’s – the Jackalope suit ticks all of the boxes. The floral flocking brings depth and texture to this classically tailored piece. It is rich, stylish, and elegant with a killer silhouette. With the waistcoat it will stand up to any formal occasion. Without, you can let your hair down a little more.

Skinny fit suits could have been a flash in the fashion pan. But their versatility and unique edge fill a distinct gap in masculine couture. And in our view, they’re going to be around for very many more years to come.


Click here for the full range of Twisted Tailor’s skinny fit suits. 

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