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Gent’s accessories can often feel like the unchartered territory of fashion. Knowing what to wear, when to wear it and with what can be a minefield for the uninitiated. Resulting in a look that is lacking in confidence. So, how can you make accessories work for you?

Men’s Accessories: How and When to Wear Them

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Why accessorise?

Men wear accessories for the same reasons that women do: to complete an outfit. To add detail, personality, and interest. Because a particular item holds sentimental value. Or simply because they like the item. For some, it brings confidence. For others, a ring, necklace, or bracelet acts as a grownup alternative to a fidget cube. It’s something to fiddle with when you’re anxious and your hands need something to play with. But if worn well, accessories can totally transform your attire, making the leap from humdrum to fabulous with the clink of a cufflink.

What accessories are available for men?

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There are a whole range of accessory options for men. What you select will largely come down to personal aesthetics.

Traditional accessories – Tie, bow tie, pocket squares, belts, braces, and hats are all classic choices for accessorising suits.

Jewellery – Tie bars, cufflinks, pocket chains, watches, bracelets, collar chain, necklaces, and rings are popular masculine jewellery choices.

Contemporary additions – Sunglasses, and face masks (if you’ve got to wear one, you may as well make it part of your outfit, right?).

Are there rules for wearing accessories?

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Don’t go overboard

Everyone has their own style. You might be a layering kind of guy, a Johnny Depp who piles it all on and manages to carry it off. But in most instances, less is more when it comes to male accessories. And female, for that matter. Let each piece speak for itself. Let your accessories complement your outfit, not surpass it.   

Keep it appropriate

There are times when you really want to draw attention to yourself. And there are times when you simply should not. And that’s probably the key assessment you need to make before selecting your accessories. At work or a job interview, big bling is rarely appropriate. For funerals, jewellery is fine, but it should be subtle – gunmetal cufflink aren’t going to offend anyone. Rocking up like Mr T. might. Dress for your environment, and you can’t go far wrong.

Try to coordinate

OK, so you don’t want to be donning the masculine equivalent of a twinset and pearls, but coordination can help when you’re deciding on accessories. If you’re going for a silver tie barsilver cufflinks will look better than an alternative metal choice. If you’re opting for a vintage style, don’t go off-piste with contemporary accessories. A Baker Boy hat and braces will serve you better.  

Wear what you like

The best way to carry off accessories is to be comfortable and confident wearing them. So, if you like an item, wear it. But wear it well. A red bow tie can look good on anyone… Unless they’re embarrassed to be wearing it. The same applies to every other kind of accessory – pocket squares, lapel pins, pocket chains, or bracelets.

Jewellery and accessories have always been part of men’s attire. Previously, they’ve been used as a mark of status. In some ways, it’s kind of the same today. But it’s not always the value of what you’re wearing that matters. Increasingly, it’s about how you wear it.

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