Welcoming Shelby & Sons - Heritage with a Modern Twist


We wanted to find a like-minded brand to welcome into the Twisted Brotherhood. 

We think you’ll agree we have done that with Shelby & Sons.  

Shelby & Sons are different in that they are proud to produce British 1920s inspired men's tailoring with a sharper edge. 

Shelby & Sons are loyal to few and ruled by none. They ensure a rough and ready attitude is woven into every garment, while still maintaining stylish silhouettes with a modern twist.

Crafted using high-quality fabrics such as heritage look wool-blend tweed and herringbone mixes means their suits are made to last which means they’re durable and will resist whatever life throws at you.

Separating Shelby from the rest is not only the quality & attitude in their tailoring but their attention to the detail. They never miss a trick. Cuff buttons modelled on shotgun shells and signature razor blade printed lining to name just a few.

The Shelby team have perfected a blindin' range of slim fit tweed suits, waistcoats and trousers all available in a variety of colours, checks and cuts that will give you serious style points.

Their penny collar shirts and Grandad collar shirts (signature pieces of the Shelby boys) pair perfectly with any and all of their suits.  

Heritage British tailoring has been redesigned and reinvented. 

This is the start of something big. New brands launching soon.



Schinner Slim Fit Brown Suit Jacket


Shelby Black Lace Up Boots
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