What Should I Wear to Prom? A Man’s Guide

Americans are basically born knowing what they’re going to wear to their high school prom. It’s as built into their DNA as hair colour. But for Brits, preparing for prom is a harder task. Especially for guys. You can’t ask your parents. Not that you would anyway. All their knowledge comes from watching Grease, American Pie and Carrie… And seriously, that’s no kind of framework for your sartorial statement. So, what’s the go?

If your school or college has any kind of pretentions towards the grandeur of the American proms that we’re so desperately copying, they will have stated a dress code. So, you’ll know no trainers, no jeans, no holes and no tracky dacks. You’ll need to look smart. And, if you’re anything like us, you’ll want to look spectacular. 

With all our suits cut to a signature skinny fit you’re already a front runner for best dressed but if you’re looking to steal the crown you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking for a standout suit or something a little more subtle, we’ve got all bases covered.

Let’s go through the options.

Twisted Traditional Black Prom Suits

Prom suitProm trousers

Black is, and always will be, a consideration for any suit-worthy occasion. But there’s black and then there’s black. With the Sylvester, you take the style and sophistication of the traditional tux and you mix it up with a skinny fit cut and an opulent velvet finish. The satin shawl lapels and single-button fastening complete the black-tie look perfectly. Worn with plain black tuxedo trousers, white shirt and collar chain, you have yourself a contemporary take on a classic style.

Or, if you can handle something flashy, go for a prettier option. A black shirt and the Bragga gold faux snake skin trouser is a style statement that your peers will never forget. In a good way.

Patterned Prom Suits

Checks, tweeds and tartans are everywhere in 2020. And for good reason. A tartan prom suit like the Ginger in green is smart, versatile and unavoidably eye-catching. The skinny fit cut brings both familiar comfort and an outstanding silhouette. And the overall look is formal without being overly so. This is a suit that will see you through endless future occasions.

Patterned prom suitPatterned Prom Suit 2

Florals are also very much in fashion. And a tux like the Fleet delivers both an understated elegance and a richness and depth that can be lacking from plain formalwear. The floral flocking is low-key. And yet, up close, it sets your suit way up above the average.

Coloured Prom Suits

A few years ago, suit colours were limited to half a dozen classics. Black, navy, grey, brown, tan… Maybe white if you were feeling daring. Now, you can name your colour and we’ll have a suit to match.

Blue prom suit

Royal blue? Try the Kingdon.

Red prom suit

Red? The Margera, if you please.

Pink prom suit

Pink? Embrace the Liverpool look.

Yellow prom suit

Yellow? It has to be the Hemmingway.

If you want to break away from the boredom of the conventional prom suit, a fresh colourway really helps. Choose a colour that complements your complexion. Select a shirt in a contrasting shade – if you’re unsure, white works with pretty much everything. Accessorise carefully. And complete with polished shoes. That’s your prom look sorted.

Smart but Not Suited Prom

Not all proms require the full black tie. If yours is a more relaxed affair, it’s still important not to go too casual. A safe bet is a pair of smart black trousers, and an outstanding shirt.

Gold prom shirtFloral prom shirt

After prom, the Marquez slim fit gold metallic shirt will become your go-to party piece. It’s slinky, stunning and ticks every one of the prom boxes.

Not into shiny stuff? Try the Knarley floral print long sleeve shirt. The large print, covered button placket and point collar work together to create a shirt that is simply awesome.

Prom jacket

Alternatively, a plain shirt with a stand-out blazer like the Grim, can be a fabulous way to lift an understated outfit.  

Prom is one of those nights that will stay with you. You’ll remember which girl or boy you hooked up with… Or maybe the one you didn’t quite make it with. You’ll remember the music. You’ll remember your mates. And you’ll remember your outfit. So, make sure that it’s worth remembering

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