We’re usually all about the skinny fit when it comes to suits. But we have to admit that it doesn’t always work for every person or every occasion. Whereas the slim fit is arguably the most flattering and versatile suit cut around, working as well for a wedding as a day at the office. Slim fit suits provide that little bit of extra give for movement, and yet the shape can elongate the body, making your waist look narrower and legs longer. And it works for practically every physique. You’ve just got to know how to wear it.

Slim Fit Suits: A Style Guide


Blue slim fit suit Dark slim suit

The main thing you’re looking for in a slim fit suit jacket is that it fits smoothly, without pinching, bulging or riding up. If the buttons strain when done up, you’ve bought the wrong size. Equally, you don’t want to look like you’re dressing up in your dad’s work clothes, so it’s a good idea to make sure that there’s no more than about a 2-3 cm gap between your stomach and the fabric when you hold the buttons. Despite only having a single button for ease, the Shelby and Sons Blackpool slim fit blazer in blue sits close to the body. It doesn’t flap around. But equally, it’s not so fitted as to inhibit movement, making it a good choice for the office. While the Marden slim fit navy tuxedo elevates the style for more formal occasions.  


Slim fit trousers Black trousers

The accepted ‘rule’ for the slim fit suit trouser is that it sits close to the leg, with no more or less than a 5cm pinch of free fabric. The leg is shaped with a small degree of tapering towards the ankle. And the length depends on your chosen look. If you’re going for the contemporary style, a suit like the Viggo Gothenburg in blue is a great choice, with the trouser sitting on the tops of your shoes – shorter than a regular fit, longer than a skinny. For more of a vintage vibe, a shorter trouser is the thing. The Hickory slim fit in navy check delivers an aesthetic that is smart and packed with personality.


Slim fit shirt White shirt slim

It hopefully goes without saying, but if you’re wearing a slim fit suit, you also need to wear a slim fit shirt. A regular cut shirt will bunch, destroying your silhouette and creating a rumpled look if you take off your jacket. You also need to avoid big collars. Grandad shirts and fitted tees can look good. If you’re going casual, the Maron marble print shirt presents a cool, contemporary option. For more formal environments, a plain white shirt like the Haskel slim fit with collar bar will always work well.


Tie chain

If you’re going for a slim fit suit, you don’t want to fall at the last hurdle with an inappropriate choice of accessories. If you can go tieless, do. If you can’t, select a slim tie, like the knitted Jagger, and understated bling to go with it.

The slim fit suit doesn’t represent cutting-edge fashion – that’s more the remit of the skinny fit. But it has got an air of timelessness about it. It delivers a classic and flattering look that will see you through almost any occasion. Every man should have at least one slim fit suit in their wardrobe.

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