Pink is right up there when it comes to spring and summer styling. And nowhere more so than in formalwear. If well-tailored, a pink suit can stand up to practically any occasion. You just need to know how to wear it.

Pink suit

How to Wear a Pink Suit

When and where should you wear a pink suit?

Pink might not be the most fitting choice for a certain type of funeral. Or a certain type of job interview. But other than that, a pink suit can be worn anywhere and at any time of year. As long as you choose a style that compliments the occasion and dress it up or down accordingly, you’re good to go.
A suit like the Rossa provides endless opportunities. Wear in full for a wedding, dinner, or christening. Wear the jacket over jeans and a plain white t-shirt for anything else.

What shade of pink should you wear?

Pink is an interesting colour. Generally, if you’re looking for flattering, figure enhancing clothing, the rule is to go for the darker end of the colour spectrum, regardless of the hue you’re considering. But pink is different. While you can go all Timothée Chalamet and break out the cerise, the lighter shades will work better for most people. Particularly if you have a paler complexion. In the summer especially, a pearl cream or soft blush pink, as with the Gothenburg Pink Suit by Viggo will always be more fitting.

What should you wear with a pink suit?

As with any other shade of suit, your choice of shirt or top should depend on whether you’re working with plain or patterned threads. In most cases, a simple white shirt will create the ultimate smart aesthetic. And that goes doubly so if you’re rocking a suit as complex as the skinny fit Manet. But the occasion will also influence what you wear. Sure, if you’re attending a wedding, you’re going to want to keep it formal. But if you can relax, then a crewneck tee will stand up to inspection.

Pink suit accessories

In a plain pink suit, you can afford to play around with other colour combinations too. Light blue and beige shirts will always work. Pink on pink is an option. Or if you’re aiming for a bold statement, green is a possibility. But you have to be brave. And you have to be careful, if you don’t want to end up looking like a caricature.
In shoes, brown or blue will be your best choice.  

Despite the fact that celebs near and far, from James Norton to Lil Nas X, can be seen parading in pink, the pink suit still raises the occasional censorious eyebrow. Which can make wearing one for the first time feel like a bold decision. It’s not. The truth is, a well-made pink suit is just like any other suit. It can look absolutely awesome. But only if you own it. 

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