It was the year 1836 when Luigi Marzotto, moved by his passion for premium quality, created a small textile lab that over the years has gone worldwide. Ancient know how, constant investments, international ambition. Marzotto's history is made of untiring passion for excellence. Their values are based on great knowledge and constant research of innovative products. They do work in a centuries-old profession, and yet wish to keep their young mindset open to new solutions.

Marzotto's exponential growth is based on craftsmanship, manufacturing knowledge, business attitude, creative skills and innovative method. Based on these values, they run all of the working processes, from the selection of raw materials to the logistics. They want their Textile Company to be excellent and to be trusted all over the world by delivering the best possible service.

Being able to represent the Made in Italy at its best is the core of the Marzotto vision, as firmly stated in their Code of Ethics, which also emphasises how their mission has always been inspired by the constant research for improvement, sustainability and protection of our ecosystem. Their guiding principles are – and will always be – based on people, future generations, territory and environment.

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