Express Your Style in Summer Inspired Wedding Suits

Groom, guest, best man, or some other kind of principle dude, choosing a wedding suit can be kind of tedious, right? Choices limited. Style… Well, it’s in the singular, isn’t it? The opportunity for expression, non-existent. Well, maybe, if you still live in the 00s. For the 2020 wedding, anything goes. But while it is permissible to dress down, really, the suit is still the thing. You just need to choose a cut and a look that reflect your personal style.

The allrounder summer wedding suit

Daewon White Floral Suit

There’s a perennial trade-off with weddings. In winter, brides are at risk of hypothermia. In summer, grooms are in danger of heat stroke. Traditional guy’s garb is heavy. You have layers upon layers. As if the stress isn’t going to make you sweaty enough. Men’s summer wedding suits should, at the very least, be lightly coloured. If you can rock florals with poise, then the Daewon skinny fit will turn every head. Wear with a contrasting dark shirt, ‘air tie’ and navy shoes and you’ve got your look sorted.

Ginger Skinny Fit Jacket in Green Tartan

If lighter shades aren’t for you, then try the Ginger tartan skinny fit in green. Suited for day or night attire, worn with a plain shirt – white for day, dark for night – it’s a classic style that never really gets old. For summer, wear with lightweight loafers and no socks.

Blue is the colour

Ellroy Skinny Stretch Royal Blue Suit Jacket

Blue is arguably the colour for men this year. Whether you want to go the full Alex Wolff, or for a subtler Tom Hiddleston look, there are blues about for every sartorial persuasion. The Ellroy skinny fit in navy is an ideal option for an evening affair. With a tie, waistcoat, buttonhole and pocket square, it will look every bit as slick as the traditional black tux. For a daytime do, the Ellroy in royal blue is both subtle and exceptional. Wear with a plain white shirt and ‘air tie’ look for a more relaxed look, or dress up with a waistcoat chain and collar tips. For a more understated look that maintains its individuality, the Sotheby blue check with white piping is both sharp and lightweight, daring to be different without ostentation.

The beach wedding suit

Runner Skinny Fit Stone Linen Suit

If you’re going for a beach wedding, linen is the look. Lightweight, yet impeccably tailored, the Runner skinny fit in stone can be worn with just the jacket for guests, or styled up with coordinating waistcoat for grooms. If you feel that you can carry colour with confidence, then blue and pink shades look outstanding. Going somewhere mega hot? Runner tailored linen shorts could, at a push, work for a tropical beach wedding… But maybe check with your other half first.  

It’s true that brides are still the main focus of any wedding. And it’s true that their choices still far outstrip groom’s. But for blokes, grooms or guests, weddings no longer mean blending in with the background in a sea of uncomfortable black. Be yourself for your summer weddings. You’ll look stupendous.

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