Which Colour Suit Should I Wear to Prom?

Prom season - time to step it up. The fit? Always skinny or slim. But you’ve got more decisions. The style? The colour? How do you want to represent? Choose something timeless or get the freshest look? Narrow the field with the Twisted Tailor guide to prom suit colours.

Black prom suits

Farrow Skinny Fit Black and Gold Tuxedo Jacket

You know what you’re getting with black. Black prom suits are the most popular choice for a reason. They are classy. Sophisticated. Timeless. A skinny fit simple black suit like the Hemmingway is a killer choice because there is so much you can do to make it your own. Go bold with a party shirt, or debonair with a dress shirt. Accessorise, or keep it slick. Own it. It’s yours to do whatever you want with it.

But black doesn’t have to be simple. You can keep the class and amp it up a notch with black+. Black on black, red and black, or black and gold make a stellar style statement. Take the Farrow suit. Sleek silhouette. Incredible cut. Eye-dragging gold foil spots on top of immaculate black. Wear with a plain prom shirt and simple loafers. Every head will turn.

Blue prom suits

Jackal Skinny Fit Suit Jacket with Floral Flocking

Blue isn’t the new black. But in prom suits, blue is still a classic. A suit like the Jackal, which layers alluring cobalt with black touchy-feely floral flocking (try saying that at the end of prom night), brings opulence to your formal wear. Worn with a plain shirt and no tie, it stands up to any occasion.

Not confident that you can pull off florals? The Ellroy in Navy makes a superbly simple alternative. Dress it up or down as suits your style.  

Silver prom suits

Braga Skinny Fit Silver Snakeprint Blazer

Prom suits in grey speak of slicked back suavity. But unless you go for spectacular sparkle, like the skinny fit Braga Silver suit, you need to accessorise well to avoid being swallowed in a monochromatic sea of obscurity. And for that, pink is the colour. Pink has been the colour for the stand-out shirt for more than a decade, but standout it still does. A plain grey prom suit also screams out for a contrasting tie and pocket square.

Pink prom suits

Rossa Skinny Fit Pink Suit Jacket with Floral Print

And while we’re talking about pink… If you feel your inner Jason Momoa, or more probably Nicholas Hoult, straining to burst out, in prom suits pink is an unquestionable option. The Liverpool suit in pink and our signature skinny fit cuts a definite dash. Want to dial it up a notch? The Rossa suit delivers unparalleled panache. The lightweight linen is ideal for those warm summer nights and the motif makes it an outstanding choice for any dressed up do. Wear this to prom and you will never be forgotten. In a good way.


Cormac Burgundy Suit Jacket

Looking for something darker?  Red prom suits like the burgundy Cormac are among the most versatile styles you can go for. They dress up superbly for occasions like prom, but you can confidently dress them down for future wear. Because who wants a one-hit wonder?


 Jello Skinny Fit Blue Velvet Tuxedo Jacket

Finally, if you’re looking for a prom tuxedo which breaks away from the Bond clone, try the Jello for size. This tux takes the classic form, but is twisted with a skinny fit and a must-touch velvet and foil floral melange. Yes, it’s bold. Yes, it’s bright. And no, nobody else at your prom will be wearing it. But that is kind of the point.

Prom has become a big deal. But it’s still about having fun. So, don’t get too caught up in the rules. And don’t worry if your style isn’t the same as the in-crowd’s. Choose a prom suit that makes you happy. Everything else will take care of itself.

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