On Music, Shaping His Personal Style and How to Find Inspiration

Kovic - the music artist whose hit track Drown was used as the FIFA 18 soundtrack - swang by our showroom to take a peek at our newest collection and talk about how Twisted Tailor has helped him mould his personal style. 
Thomson Skinny Fit White Shirt with Black Floral Flocking

Kovic wearing Thomson Shirt in his new music video Issues


TT: Do you think music and fashion are connected? In what way?

KOVIC: Yeah, I'd say so... In a way, both are just an expression of yourself and what you're trying to say to the world. I suppose they're both kind of psychological extensions of your personality.

TT: How did you discover Twisted Tailor, and why did you stick with us to create your style?

Kovic: Twisted tailor was part of the conception of the Kovic project after the music came together. I wanted to bring something stylish, smart and considered to the aesthetic, and although the jackets were a little outside my comfort zone initially, they've practically become my suits of armour whenever it's time to walk on stage or get in front of a camera. 

TT: Where do you find inspiration from when it comes to composing new music?

KOVIC: I get hit with inspiration mostly from characters and their stories, and that can be from friends and family, or sometimes roles in movies. Usually, there's some personal dynamic or drama which kicks off, and I try and capture that in music and lyrics. Composing music is kind of like a diary or journal for me, especially now looking back on the last record and considering how to step forward into the second. 

TT: How do you decide the feel and the look of your music videos?

KOVIC: It all starts with the track, and then it's just a matter of conceptualising things carefully in how you imagine visuals could combine with it. As an example, one video I directed was for a song called Running Underwater. It's about being in that state of mind where it feels everything goes into slow motion and you're not making any progress. So I wanted to film the whole thing underwater and try to capture that overall darker vibe. Without a doubt, it's the one song I'm most proud of how the feel and look turned out. 


Vick Skinny Fit Navy Velvet Jacket with Floral Print

Mark wearing VICK Jacket


TT: If you could bring back one fashion trend, which one would that be?

KOVIC: Mankini's 

TT: What are your favourite Twisted looks of the season?

I haven't had the opportunity to see them all yet, but I'm a big fan of the Rossa pink that you dropped recently, and I just did a shoot for one of my tracks called Issues featuring the white Thomson floral shirt which is a bit of a fave at the moment. 

TT: Can you give us a little sneak peek of what you're working on?

KOVIC: Sure, Right now, I'm working on a new live show for an upcoming European tour kicking off in the UK in October. I am also trying out some new song material as I'm planning on dropping a second Kovic album next year. I have also been keeping very busy working on new content and trying to bring people into the creation process via social media. 


 Check out Kovic's new music video Issues featuring a Twisted look
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