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The linen suit. Surely a benchmark of summer sartorial sophistication. But it comes with so many questions. Like, ‘where can I wear this?’ ‘Is it suitable for work?’ And ‘can I wear a linen suit if I’m not attending a cricket match or under the age of 65?’

We’re here to answer those questions.

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Why choose a linen suit?

The linen suit is a thing of beauty and if you choose well, you’ll have an addition to your wardrobe that will last for years.

Linen is strong, durable, breathable and comfortable. Made from entirely natural fibres, it’s one of the oldest fabrics around. And it has endured because it’s so damn versatile. And because nothing else can compete with it in summer. It wicks away moisture and dries ultra-fast. So, when the button-ups in their polyester-viscose blends have sweat stains and dew-drop faces, you can sit insouciant and smug.

Twisted Tailor Runner Skinny Fit Stone Linen Jacket with Piping


Doesn’t linen crease?

Of course, it does. But that’s part of the charm. Although a freshly ironed linen suit does emit a formal air, when it’s a little bit lived in it looks owned. That rumpled, wrinkled guise shows that you can carry this look and not care especially when the aircon is out – again – in your stuffy London office.

Not digging the scrunched up aesthetic? Try a linen blend. Silk and cotton linen mix suits can be a worthy compromise.

Shades Skinny Fit Light Blue Linen Suit Jacket

How and when should you wear a linen suit? 


OK, while you might just be going through the motions, it’s still a good idea to show a bit of gravitas in the workplace. So, that’s where smart chambray like the Haley can come into its own. The blended fabric allows the suit to keep its shape, while the lighter weight will help with personal climate control. Or if you’re looking for all linen, the Runner Suit combines elegant styling with the ultimate skinny-fit cut. Wear either with a light, white shirt, loafers and no socks. Job. Done.

Twisted Tailor Haley Chambray Suit Jacket


Whether you’re the groom or a guest, your wedding gear should always be the best you possess. So, even while wearing linen’s creases, you still need to opt for the tailored look. Depending on the company, the Rossa skinny fit floral pink suit is a stand-out choice. 100% linen, it will keep you fresh even under pressure. And if worn with a simple white shirt and loafers, you don’t even need to worry about accessories.

Not feeling the florals? Try the light blue Shades suit for the summer wedding scene. Dress it up, or dress it down. It’s yours for the taking.

Twisted Tailor Rossa Skinny Fit Pink Suit Jacket with Floral Print


Summer party? Dinner date? Or just out on the town. Because linen is so comfortable, it lends itself to leisure. So, stick on a tee and trainers and pull a double-breasted suit, like the Partridge, out of the bag and those summer nights – or days – will be yours. Accessorise, or keep it simple according to the occasion. It’s your look to possess.

Twisted Tailor Partridge Skinny Fit Double Breasted Linen Jacket


Selecting a linen suit is just like choosing any other kind of clothing. You need to select a cut and colour that’s right for both you and the occasion. The skinny fit cut avoids that air of pensioner panache that is often associated with the fabric. Choosing a colour or print can bring the look immediately up to date. Accessorising – waistcoat, tie, lapel pin or collar tips – can dress it up or down according to your taste. The only real rule is that you have to make it yours.

We can help with that. 

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