The floral shirt is one of the most striking pieces of men’s couture around. It’s distinctive, attractive and stylish. And yet many guys shake their heads at the mere suggestion. Thanks, largely, to the sartorial horrors that have previously been associated with the style. So, how can you rock the floral shirt without looking like your uncle on a beach holiday in Benidorm?

How to Wear a Floral Shirt

Be bold

Floral shirt

Bold fashion choices don’t need to be brash. It’s possible to work what would generally be considered a ‘confident design’ into your everyday wardrobe without raising too many eyebrows. The Daisaku men's floral shirt is the perfect example of loud and proud slipping into understated. With the slim fit cut, the style works really well beneath a suit jacket, with just the delicate monochrome print and the floral collar to lift it above the commonplace. After work, remove your jacket for a style that’s completely your own. For best effect, pair with a suit or trousers that pick out one of the colours you can see in the shirt. The Shades pink linen trousers and blazer are a stellar choice for the Daisaku. Complete with loafers or white leather trainers.

Be subtle

Subtle floral shirt

Floral prints work as well for eveningwear as they do in the day. A shirt like the Nicky skinny fit makes a great choice for a smart-casual dinner, work drinks, or a night out with the boys. The skinny fit cut delivers a superb silhouette, so it can be worn with or without a jacket, depending on the degree of formality you’re going for. The only rule is to make sure that your suit or trousers complement the colourway. The Nicky is in navy, so for maximum impact, you’d want a navy skinny fit trouser, like the Elroy. Or for warmer weather, a light coloured skinny fit crop trouser, like the Ranger could also work well. Either way, finish with loafers and no socks.

Be extraordinary

Statement floral shirt

Shirts in floral prints don’t necessarily have to be about flowers. Sometimes, you can take the floral motif and mix it up into something extraordinary. This is what you can see with the Lightspeed Skinny fit shirt. The tailoring of this shirt makes it suitable for formalwear, but the motif means it’s probably more in keeping with casual affairs. This is a shirt for wearing out. Pair with jeans for a night at the local pub, club or bistro. Wear with a tapered trouser, like the Daylight in chambray for a smarter aesthetic. Or, if you’re looking to make a splash, wear to a more relaxed mate’s wedding with a suit and keep your jacket buttoned until the formalities are over, then bust out your shirt when the festivities begin.

- Floral shirts can be worn any time and any place, the only things you need to remember to avoid looking like a boozy Brit abroad are:

- Be careful about your tailoring – skinny fit always looks smarter.

- Don’t wear with other patterns unless your aim is a monstrous clash of clothing.

- Coordinate your suit or trousers by picking out a shade within your shirt.

- Don’t accessorise. Floral shirts weren’t made for ties or jewellery. The pattern speaks for itself. So, let it.

Keep these points in mind and the floral shirt style is yours to command. 

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