VIGGO has been a staple of the Twisted Tailor catalogue for five years now. Bringing a clean, Scandi-aesthetic, and an overarching green ethos, which has attracted a dedicated following. But ahead of a new season and a new collection, VIGGO has announced a new direction that takes that sleek Scandi chic and loosens it up a bit. And we think that you’re going to love it.

It’s VIGGO, only more so

So, what can we expect from the new designs?

The new collection will take VIGGO’s established pared-back styling and supersize it. Moving away from the slim fit of earlier collections, the next generation of VIGGO will carry more relaxed tailoring. Jackets will be longline and loose fit, as the baby blue Pierre suit demonstrates. Trousers will be tailored to fit slackly around the leg, with the cuffs resting on top of the foot.. Creating an overall visual and feel of cool nonchalance. And, as always, with VIGGO, the designs will be unadorned, allowing the fabric and cut to speak for themselves.

Viggo’s creative director explains the thinking behind the brand’s evolution: ‘For me, VIGGO has always been something of a blank canvas. It was loosely Scandi, with a relatively clean aesthetic. But it had the potential to be more.

‘There has been a big move towards oversized and relaxed tailoring in high-end fashion. We wanted to bring that down to a more affordable price point. Redefining what VIGGO is, while still maintaining the emphasis on quality and craftmanship.’

Welcome to the new VIGGO collection

Launching this July, the all-new VIGGO range will carry suits for every occasion. All in the suave, relaxed aesthetic now favoured by the brand.

In stark contrast to Twisted Tailor’s trademark skinny fit, we’ll see suits like the Viera. Where a relaxed single-buttoned collarless jacket is paired with trousers that break away from the traditional suit mould, with cargo-style pockets. For work. For play. For anywhere you want to wear it.    

New, fresh, and created to unite comfort with formality, VIGGO is bringing a whole new element to the Twisted Tailor wardrobe. And we are excited to welcome it. 

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