For decades now, the patterned shirt has had a bad rap. In menswear, it’s been viewed as the equivalent to the embarrassing, bigoted uncle… And is often worn by one. The ill-thought-out Hawaiian shirt and accompanying medallion. With unprepossessing chest hair bubbling out of the top. It’s a sight that no one wants to behold. But there’s so much more to patterned shirts than the stereotypes would have us believe. And for A/W 2021, the patterned shirt is bold, brilliant, and back.

So, what should you be looking for in this season’s patterned shirts? And how should you style them?

How to Wear a Patterned Shirt in 2021 and Beyond

Loud and proud

Twisted Tailor Leo mustard patterned shirt

Nothing says ‘confidence’ like a bright mustard shirt. And you don’t get much more mustardy than the Leo. With its vibrant colourway and contrasting print, the Leo is for no one, if not the party animal. It can work well when paired with a suit – we’d suggest black for that striking natural warning sign! But this shirt, and others like it, will always be at its best when coupled with trousers, loafers, and nothing more.

Subtle but not understated

Twisted Tailor Pickhurst floral patterened shirt  Twisted Tailor Portland shirt

Patterned shirts can be worn for almost any occasion, and a subtle floral print, like the Pickhurst, or a simple stripe, like the Portland, can be a great way of brightening up your office garb. Just make sure that your shirt coordinates with the colour of your suit, and you’re ready to roll.

The combi

Twisted Tailor Lubalin patterned shirt Twisted Tailor Strauss patterned shirt

Then, for those who want the best of both worlds, you have a look like the Lubalin shirt. It’s the classic day-to-night look. Smart, sensible black up top, with a vibrant pink lava flow down below, on the bits that will be covered by your jacket. With just a wink of pink highlighting your cuffs. And if you don’t fancy winging it through the working day, pair it with dark denim for a night on the town. Looking for a more subtle take? Try the Strauss floral shirt.


Twisted Tailor Limerick patterned shirt

Patterns needn’t be garish. The Limerick black and white stripe shirt takes monochrome to a whole new level. It’s striking. It’s stylish. And it’s flattering. With the right suit, this is a look that could be worn to the office. But it’ll be happier on an evening out. Wear it with a suit, trousers, or jeans, depending on the occasion.

Animal print

Twisted Tailor Juno animal print shirt

Animal print shirts will never be at home in the office. But hit the clubs in a leopard print mesh shirt like the Juno, and the night is yours. Keep it slinky with plain trousers and minimal adornment for the optimal impact.

The patterned shirt is in the middle of a renaissance. Its shady days are over, and its time for this menswear staple to shine. Choose wisely, and your shirt could become your trademark.

Check out the full range of Twisted Tailor shirts for more inspiration.

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