Wide-leg trousers with a lower break, oversized jackets that drop off the shoulder. After years of skinny fit ruling the fashion roost, oversized couture is returning to the catwalk. And whether it’s the effortlessness of the aesthetic or the androgynous styling, something about the look has really hit the mark in both high fashion and high street. And Viggo has caught the movement mid-stride.

But where did the super-sizing start?

Digging Down into Oversized fashion

Going large on the runway

Demna Gvasalia of Balenciaga fame was probably the first high-end designer to embrace the oversized look. In 2021 GQ credited him with rewriting the rules of high fashion, combining streetwear with handcrafted couture. Creating a look that has since been adopted and adapted by the better-known big-name brands. Resulting in a wave of oversized fashion. Just this week Balenciaga hosted their SS23 PFW show, set in a mud-drenched runway which Gvasalia said was a reference to luxury having no boundaries. The show presented the range of garments oversized silhouettes work in - exaggerated denim, suits & outerwear all walked the SS23 runway show.

For AW 2022, Dior’s Kim Jones led with ‘tonal fluid trousers’ with more drape than a pair of curtains. Marc Jacobs followed the theme of ‘exaggerated volume’. And while Louis Vuitton was mainly mentioned for the reintroduction of layering, that layering was near voluminous, with wide sleeves and wider suits. With the overarching theme amongst the majority of fashion houses being big, bold, and gender-neutral.   

But the problem with runway style is that few of us can afford it. And that’s where brands like Viggo come in.

Ditching the labels for big fashion choices

Pierre cream oversized suit Viggo

‘There has been a big move towards oversized and relaxed tailoring in high-end fashion. We wanted to bring that down to a more affordable price point,' says Viggo’s creative director. And so, we have suits like the Pierre bringing effortless chic to the Twisted Tailor catalogue.

With wide sleeves, wide legs, and minimal adornment, the Pierre suit is of the moment. With a cool, relaxed vibe, and the cream colourway, it is there for high days, late holidays and formal days. Filling a void in every man's wardrobe. 

Nueve oversized suit

The midnight tones of the Nueve suit provides a contemporary nod to the traditional black tux, making this the go-to for going out to even the most formal occasions. But as with any black suit, it is endlessly versatile, and just waiting to be dressed up or down to suit any occasion. 

Viggo Vierra oversized suit

While the lapel-free design and cargo trouser styling of the Vierra suit will take you almost anywhere. The understated androgyny means that your girlfriend might wear it as well as you do. But that doesn’t stop it from being a great pick for the office and after. 

Viggo Abidal oversized check suit

And as Demna has shown us, big needn’t be boring. If you’re looking for a colour injection to make a bigger statement, suits like the Abidal have it all. With a bold check, wide cut, and bigger style.

Oversized fashion seemed to go out with the 90s. But back then, it was big jeans and big tees, and nothing of formal substance. Oversized was the fashion of the moment for boys and men. In 2022, oversized is everywhere and for everyone. Supporting the move towards a culture where clothes can be sexless. And society embraces it. 

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