When it comes to formalities, a wool suit is your best friend when the winter weather starts to creep in. It’s softer and therefore far more wearable when compared to materials such as tweed and can also bridge the happy mediums between comfort, warmth, and style. When you compare wool to planet-wrecking polyester, you’ll be interested to know that wool degrades over a matter of months and doesn’t leave any microplastic or plastic pollution behind. If you want to suit up in winter, a wool suit is an essential part of your fashion arsenal.

Pros of Wool Tailoring during Winter

Wool is a natural material and for this reason, it’s highly breathable. You’ll never feel too hot or too cold, and the fabric allows the moisture from your skin to work as an insulator. It wicks it away from your skin, before trapping it, helping you to stay nice and toasty without extra layers. Wool is also naturally resistant to water, so you’ll stay warm when out in the snow, wind, or rain. By opting for a tailored wool suit, you can expect the height of comfort, while opting for a fashionable garment that will last you for years.

The Versatility of Wool Blends

Wool is a beautiful material. It is tremendously versatile, in colour as well as style. One way to elevate this material even more would be to blend it with another. We have created a range of wool-blend suits, so you can take advantage of all of the above benefits, while also having more design and colour options to choose from.

Our Wool Range has a British Influence

Sheep have been grazing in Britain for thousands of years. Wool remains to be one of the greatest natural resources we have, and the UK also has more breeds of sheep than anywhere else in the world. There are currently sixty breeds being cared for by over 40,000 sheep farmers. We have put a prime British focus on the new wool suits we have released, not to mention that we have worked hard to keep the integrity of the design and the wool, while releasing a new and cutting fashion ensemble. You can find some of our new launches below.

Uptown Navy


Cut from a classic navy wool blend fabric the Uptown navy jacket shows off the best of British style. This standout slim fit blazer can be paired with the matching trousers and slim fit waistcoat for a contemporary spin on a classic 3 piece suit, or worn alone for smart-casual dress codes.


You can’t go wrong with a classic blue suit and the double breasted Timble from Shelby & Sons will deliver. Constructed from a wool blend tweed, this suit is perfect for the colder season. Pair with the Roslin shirt in white with a burgundy knitted tie and a pocketchief to successfully stand the test of time in the 3-piece Timble Suit.


The Teddington suit from Shelby & Sons offers the perfect heritage-inspired, wool blend addition to your formal wardrobe. Combining classic shades of blue and cream to make a stylish check, this three piece suit is a perfect fusion of traditional colours and a modern fit for quintessentially English look. 

Ginger Green

Crafted from a premium wool fabric, the Ginger three piece suit features an all-over iconic green & navy tartan to get you feeling those celtic roots. This luxury suit's subtle design is enhanced with a sharply fitted style, providing you with a contemporary alternative that will let you shine in the office and on special occasions.


Get dressed for the wintery season in the Beadon from Shelby & Sons, this window pane check suit is constructed from cotton and finished with a tweed look.The navy and burgundy window pane check running through this suit gives the Beadon that extra heritage feel. 

The Evolution of Winter Tailoring

Winter tailoring at one point was non-existent. People were forced to wear layers upon layers just to try and stay warm, compromising their outfit for the sake of comfort. In this day and age, this is no longer an issue. New wool blends help you to stay warm without having to add extra layers, meaning you can get the look you’re going for without compromise. Want some tips for wearing heavier fabric? Take a look below:

  •       Always buy for your shape and opt for a tailored fit
  •       Don’t be tempted to add extra layers
  •       If wearing a scarf, opt for one of a different material
  •       The colour of your suit should reflect the current season

Here at Twisted Tailor and Shelby & Sons, we are proud to say that we have released a number of suits in tartan, wool, window-pane check and even tweed. Why not check out our range for yourself today?

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