So, you’re getting married. She or he said ‘yes’ (congratulations!). And the big day is fast-approaching. You’ve found an awesome wedding suit. But what are you going to do about a shirt? It needs to be coordinated, comfortable, and uncrinkled. You’ll probably never have more photos taken of you than on any other single day of your life. You’ll never come under such scrutiny. You mum, your other half, and their mum will never appraise your attire quite so critically. You need to look smart, sharp, and a whole lot of other adjectives. But you’ll be wearing the thing for hours. So, it'll need to be forgiving.

Does such a shirt even exist?

Why, yes, yes it does. Thanks for asking.

Ladies and gentlemen, please stand for…

The Ultimate Wedding Shirt

One of the most exciting new product ranges to join the Twisted Tailor Store this season, the Without Prejudice Canfield shirt has got everything it takes to become a fundamental wedding classic. For guests, groomsmen, and grooms. Here’s why.

The fabric

Created from 100/2 double twisted yarn in warp and weft, high density twill construction from Mileta, the fabric and feel of the Canfield shirt will simply blow you away. It is thick without being heavy. It is soft to the touch without being stifling. it’s breathable, so when those wedding day nerves get too much, industrial strength deodorant shouldn’t be necessary. And because it was produced near-shore at an European mill - in line with Twisted Tailor’s sustainability standards - it’s also the greener option. Which is just perfect for a day when you’ll be looking to the future. 

The look

It’s your wedding day. Casual isn’t often an option. Classically styled, the Canfield shirt provides the perfect fit for when you’re suited and booted, and for when it’s time to take your jacket off. The English spread collar brings a more contemporary feel. The sheen of the fabric carries the whole thing up another level. And the easy-care, naturally crease-free finish means that it won’t look crumpled even at the end of the day.

Not just any cuff

Even our single cuff shirt is double the quality, featuring a two button mitred barrel cuff with contrast stitch detailing. You don’t have to faff with folding them back, making dressing under pressure a simpler affair, plus the gauntlet button feature allows you to roll up your sleeves without ruining your suave look. 

The colours

If you’re going traditional, a white shirt is the popular wedding day choice. But there’s no reason why you can’t do go for subtle shading. And the Canfied shirt comes in beautifully soft shades of pink and blue as well as the expected white. Giving you the flexibility to choose a shirt and a shade that suits your suit and your style on the day when it matters most.   

The ultimate wedding day shirt. It’s a big claim, isn’t it? But we don’t make it lightly. If you’re looking for a shirt that can keep its cool throughout one of the most important and stressful days of your life, the Without Prejudice Ultimate Shirt is a definite contender. 

“‘A shirt designed to look pristine throughout the whole wedding experience” – WP Designer

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