Alright, so you were going strong on the new-year-new-me, dry Jan hype until the second weekend came around and you found yourself in your local sipping a lime & soda finding it just wasn't cutting it. Before you knew it you were four pints deep telling your mate, "ah well, there's always sober October". But guys, if you're going to break your sober oath, make sure you're breaking it somewhere worthy of your limited Jan cashola (seriously, payday can't come quick enough). We asked some of the TT team to share their favourite watering holes so we can impart more than just our tailoring wisdom on you. One thing London can get right is bloody good boozers, check out these top choices...


The Old Coffee House, Soho

"Smack bang in the middle of Soho, always perfect for a midweek special. Scampi fries by the bucket load, wash them down with a cracking Kronenburg. But if you're more of a Guini fan, I've heard they serve the best in London."

- Luke, Graphic Designer 


The Auld Shillelagh, Stoke Newington

"Uncomplicated, proper Irish boozer. And I'm not sure where Luke gets his Guinness facts from but The Auld Shillelagh is where you black-nectar die hards want to go. The slight trek to get there is worth the pour & the vibes - their motto is "off the leash and on the lash" - need I say more?"

The Blue Posts, Soho

"The Blue Post in Soho is legendary, it needs no introduction. But if like me you enjoy a boozer with sticky carpets, dark wood and mediocre lager this is the pub for you. It is often frequented by some of London’s finest including my fine self. The atmosphere is unrivalled. Get yourself down there for the best Stella in town."

- Vas, Designer

Hopking, London Bridge

"Every day is dry Jan for me so Hopking is ideal for non-drinking fun. Indoor skate park and open deck Thursdays, plenty to do if you're still going strong this month. It has a great community vibe and you'll always see a familiar face. Also, cracking date spot."

The Coat & Badge, Putney

Coat & Badge

"Great pub to catch up with mates with a nice outdoor space. A renowned spot to watch sport  - go All Blacks (not part of original quote).

- Andrew, Co-Founder

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