If you want to look sharp, there’s little doubt that the suit is the way to go. But it’s also the way to go if MOR is your desired destination. The suit has become staid, fusty, unoriginal. So, what are the options if you want that well-groomed vibe without undertones of ‘bank clerk’? Whether characterised by bold prints, bright colours, sharper cuts, or unconventional fabrics, alternative suits are the way to go for 2022.

Four Alternative Suit Styles for 2022

Coloured suits

Red suit 

Mustard suit

Breaking away from the traditionally muted shades of suiting is no longer considered outré in men’s couture. But it’s still not that common either. A suit like the Elroy in burgundy, takes the classic style and carries it to the next level in a colourway that will make any skin tone look good. Ideal for the office, as well as social occasions, this suit doesn’t break any rules. But it does look outstanding while ticking all of the sartorial boxes.

In warmer weather, lighter shades come into their own, and suits like the Hynes Mustard with white piping shine.  A classic colourway that would work well for a wedding or other formal occasion. 

Retro classic suits

The past always influences present fashion, and the suit is no exception. The Shelby & Sons Oldtown suit still carries enough contemporary tailoring with its slim fit cut to be worn with an attitude-packed swagger. Great for work. Even better for going out.

Floral print suits

Floral suit

White floral suit

The floral print is probably the most alternative suit style you can opt for. It’s as far away from the traditional grey, black or navy as you can get. And with a skinny fit cut, like the pink Isaak suit or the white Orchid suit, it can be sleek and sharp. Ditch the waistcoat and wear the jacket open for a more relaxed summer feel.

Patterned suits

Women's patterned suit

Floral prints aren’t for everyone, but patterned suits can be. Looking for a contemporary alternative to the pinstripe? Try the Partanen - The golden metallic vib makes an outstanding statement for any occasion.

Whether you’re experimenting with different fabrics – velvet, tweed, leather, sequinned – different colours, patterns, or cuts, alternative suits are a fantastic way to stamp your own style onto office and occasion wear. Just remember, whatever style you opt for, make sure that the tailoring is up to scratch. With poor quality fabrics, or substandard design, alternative suits soon look shabby. Whereas a well-made suit will last a lifetime.  

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