Wondering how to suit up like a Peaky Blinder without looking like straight outta church?

Season 5 just started and everyone's talking about it. Peaky Blinders is the show making waves in the fashion and cinema worlds - a balanced cocktail of perfectly styled Peaky Blinders Suits and gorgeous aesthetics, killer acting and glazing of violence. So here's a lesson or two we've learnt straight outta Thomas Shelby and Co's.



1. Pick Your Signature Item

That being an oversized long jacket, a baker hat with hidden razor blades (okay, maybe drop the blades), penny collar shirts, or a double-breasted waistcoat, make sure that'll be your signature piece for the season. Sticking to something you look good and feel comfortable in and sticking to it is the key to finding your own personal style. Find what you look good in and be that guy.

2. Find your pattern

It may not be the most colour-friendly show, but these Northern bois sure know how to play with neutral shades and add some subtle dark greens and browns here and there and up their outfit game with sleek patterns.

Whether you love making noise walking in the room or you like to keep it classic, choose your palette or two and flex them out as Prince of Wales checks, maroon tweeds, stripes, polka dots, rainbows or whatever your thing may be.

3. Let the Classics Rule

We're not trying to shut down your neon party, but remember that pinstripe suit your granddad bought you for your confirmation or that plain white shirt your parents always want you to wear to school, a lap around your local market, 2-day benders and all other occasions? Well, they're classic for a reason. Keep your core game strong - and we're not (only) talking about that 6-pack you've been working on all Summer.

4. Learn the Colour Pop Game

No need to go all charcoal everything. You can mix up your game playing with brighter splashes of colour once in a while. Why not pair a plain grey double-breasted jacket with a print shirt and let your look do the talk? Navy and grey are cool, but add a camel-coloured coat or a burgundy jacket and you'll be good to go.

5. Keep It Simple

No need to add 4 layers of necklaces and diamond piercings to all minimal looks. Add a golden chain for that shiny touch and you'll be ready for any occasion. Match it with a watch or a ring or two and you'll look elegant with that twist that won't make you look like straight outta church.




Stay tuned for more Peaky styles...
SHELBY & SONS is launching on Twisted Tailor soon. 

Heritage inspired British tailoring; stylish but with a darker, sharper edge. Influenced by those who ruled the streets of the early 1900s, we pride ourselves on our hard-hitting yet contemporary style and no-nonsense way of handling the tailoring game.

Welcome to the world of Shelby & Sons.

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